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Main TikTok website is overloaded

Many websites (TikTok especially) are too heavy nowadays. They take forever to load, and often times, we just give up and leave before they even finish loading. This is a huge problem for website owners, as it results in a loss of traffic and potential customers.

Why LighTik is cool?

First, LighTik tend to load faster, and faster loading websites provide a better user experience. This is especially important for mobile users, who are often on slower connections.

Second, LighTik use less data, which is important for users who are on limited data plans or who have slower connections.

Third, LighTik use less energy, which is important for both environmental and economic reasons.

You still can download videos from TikTok

TikTok downloader becomes easier than ever. Just copy url of the preferred tiktok video and put it right into the input box on LighTik, push the button and wait till the download is completed.

LighTik home page is as small as 2.2kB

Stop waisting your traffic on huge websites!